Who needs to be a NSHJA member?

ALL RIDERS wishing to be considered for the NSHJA year-end awards in all divisions. If the rider is an NSHJA member all points for any horse they compete with will be awarded.

Memberships will have points accrued towards NSHJA year-end awards ONLY from the date of joining. Points may not be awarded retroactively as per Equestrian Canada rules and points cannot be awarded to those holding temporary memberships or temporary horse recordings or passports.

How to Join

NSHJA memberships are processed through Equestrian NS, and can be purchased as an add-on to your Equestrian NS membership.

If you are a member of another provincial sport organization, but still want to be considered for NSHJA awards, you can purchase your NSHJA membership by contacting the NSHJA directly at [email protected].

Remember to join the NSHJA prior to competing at your next horse show. No points for year end awards or qualifications for national championship shows will be awarded without a current membership. In addition, competitors cannot be awarded points if they are competing on a temporary EC membership.


Membership Requirements At Horse Shows

1. In order to compete at Equestrian Canada (EC) Gold sanctioned horse shows, and participate in any EC programs, you must join both EC and Equestrian NS annually. The rider and the owner as listed on the EC Horse Recording must be current members of EC and Equestrian NS.

2. In order to be eligible for year-end awards (which include the tracking of results and points) and participate in any NSHJA programs, you must also join the NSHJA. Eligibility for programs and points begins on the date of completed NSHJA membership. NSHJA memberships are processed by Equestrian NS or through NSHJA directly.

Amateurs must also hold an Amateur EC membership in order to compete in classes designated for Amateurs.


Point Calculations For NSHJA Members

The NSHJA website posts the updated points for each division as soon as the results are submitted by each competition. Please be patient as sometimes this is a lengthy process. Please note that the posted orders at the show do not necessarily reflect the exact number of horses competing. The judges’ card reflects the number shown and is the accepted record. The Royal and year end awards use these points to decide who qualifies and who wins year end awards. Not all divisions are showcased at the RAWF but almost all are presented year end awards at the NSHJA Banquet. Please note, all information regarding Royal Winter Fair qualifying criteria can be found on the Royal Winter Fair Horse Show page:

All qualifying criteria is determined by the Royal Horse Show organizing committee and any questions about the criteria for a particular division should be directed to the Royal Winter Fair. If you have more questions not answered here please contact us at [email protected].