About the NSHJA

The Nova Scotia Hunter Jumper Association (NSHJA) was formed in 2008 to foster the development of hunter/jumper events and riders in Nova Scotia. Up until that time the Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation administered the hunter/jumper community of the province. The founders knew that our sport was ready for a member association of its own. NSHJA is recognized by Equestrian Canada as the official hunter/jumper sport organization for Nova Scotia.

One of the essential responsibilities of NSHJA is to oversee a responsible and unbiased point system for annual awards. NSHJA compiles points earned by members in all divisions held at Gold Equestrian Canada competitions in the province. Awards are presented annually at a year end banquet recognizing the efforts of our athletes and their horses.

The NSHJA is a member association of the Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation. It is funded by memberships and a levy at each of the gold shows in Nova Scotia, and is administered by an elected Board of Directors. Hunter, Equitation, and Jumper programs are developed and maintained by the NSHJA to encourage athlete development.

This website contains all of the information needed to stay up to date with hunter and jumper activities in our beautiful province.